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Bo Lorentzen

Hey Mike, I think its just a matter of getting a screen with 5.8 receiver - however give them a call, they are pretty easy to get hold of.

Mike Hillerby

Hi,I bought the ghost 2 aerial edition,,I was wondering what it would take to turn this into a fpv edition..mine has the 4K sports camera..any help or advice is appreciated. Thank you.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey David, unfortunately Im pretty sure eHang is committed to focusing on smart-phone driven systems. they are doing very well in designing the interface.

David W

Maybe they will come out with a "Pro" version with a traditional TX in the future. It seems to be the industry standard to release a model, then later release "Pro" (or upgraded) versions. That would probably open the market for these up to guys like you and me.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey David,
You and me both, I LIKE sticks.! however flying the Ghost 2.0 in the "Avatar" mode where you tilt the phone is surprisingly easy and you get the hang of it quickly. Im still not a big fan of all the layers of technology between me and the aircraft..
In the end the reality is that this particular aircraft simply was not build for you and me. its very much for the iPhone generation.
OK not entirely sure, but seems that I remember this thing can fly with iPhone 4 and better. my guess is that it can fly with anything that have full set of accelerometers. ok most things.

David W

Hi Bo-The Ghost 2.0 looks pretty cool and I would say it is very reasonably priced for what it is. However, I honestly feel some of the more serious hobbyist's (me included) would like a TX which is not a smart device. I truly believe good piloting involves "stick feel". I have flown with smart devices and really do not enjoy it. Hopefully they will come out with a TX for this later.
Also, do you know if the smart device must be the latest and greatest to fly this (such as are needed with the new Phantoms), or are older devices able to fly this?
Thank you, again, for keeping us all informed of the new products.

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