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Bo Lorentzen

Hey Roger, Im not planning on selling those, they are fairly simply to mimic though.


Bo- I;m alos using a Nividia shield, & I;m wondering if you are going to make/sell the shield holder for the Mavic??

Jeff Starley

Hi Bo, I am very impressed with your attention to details when doing your videos. I am interested in buying a Mavic and as I cannot try one out before purchasing I would like to ask you if you would allow me to have a RAW file, or 2, from the Mavic to test the dynamic range. I have an old DJI FC40 to which I have fitted a 2 axis gimbal to carry a Gopro Hero 3+, but I am not impressed with the quality of the still images from it. My original intention was to shoot aerial 360° panoramas, but due to the Gopro's limitations on exposure and white balance I gave up the attempts. I have some panoramas on my website, these are shot from ground level or a dual monopod approx 3.4 mtr max height.
I am going to Iceland in March and would really love to shoot some aerial stuff, and the Mavic looks ideal for portability, and I am hoping quality stills (raw) as well. Please let me know if you could send me some raw files from the Mavic to process.


Hey Bo, I watched your Mavic un-boxing vid, good job by the way. In it you mounted your Nvidia Shield to the Mavic controller with 2 'S' clips. I assume you made them, any chance you will be providing them for sale? I want to use my Shield and don't like any of the other bulkier options, the one you used is perfect.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Mark, yes absolutely, micro-vibrations is a huge issue, we used to see this with big DSLR gimbals even, the other big thing is fast moves changes a lot of pixels quickly resulting in the system compressing or dropping fine details to stay in the bandwidth.


Hey Bo,

Great stuff! Thanks for doing all of this.

Curious if you think that the stabilization systems of each camera can effect the "flying resolution test" results?

Naturally, we can't judge the camera without the drone in flight (the "whole system" as it were), but there are variables at play here that maybe should be either explored, controlled, or just disclosed (video compression, windspeed, distance to target, etc.).

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