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Bo Lorentzen

Hey Richard,
At CES 2018, AUTEL spend considerable time telling Frank and me about the 1" sensor version of the EVO which they said would ship later this year. based on this we believed that there would be a 1" unit. later AUTEL have been firm in denying the rumors of a 1" unit. (they call it rumors, however this was started directly by AUTEL :-) )
SOoooooo not sure how to really reply, however taking the greater perspective, its fairly sure that DJI will be releasing a 1" MavicPro2 shortly, so its kinda hard to believe AUTEL is not nurturing a 1" unit like they said at CES. (this was coming form higher ranking Autel staff, so I tend to think there is one somewhere. when they chose to release it is another question)


Hey Bo, so is this drone available with a 1" sensor on the cam? I can't find any info on their website regarding sensor size.
Thanks & cheers!

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Robert, Frank is printing some of those, shoot him a email to [email protected] he should be able to set you up.


Do you have the link for that device you used on your remote to attach your ipad mini.

Thank you.

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